Uoolu Strategically Cooperated with Swedish Company Nordeway AB


In August 2019, Uoolu announced to reach strategic cooperation with Swedish real estate company by opening a country page of Sweden on uoolu.com. By this movement, Uoolu officially enters the Swedish property market. 

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Nordeway AB is the only integrated real estate consultancy in Northern Europe, covering real estate construction companies, project management companies, financial management companies and home services companies. Meanwhile, the company has a wealth of developer resources, and a good banking, political and business foundation in the Nordic region.

Customers are able to acquire abundant property information timely as Nordic property assessors provide one-on-one professional services for the Chinese.

Last but not least, the company owns a team of professional legal counsel to protect private properties of customers.

For a comparatively long time, Chinese investors are not able to reach out to professional property investment services of Nordic countries. By cooperating with Uoolu, Nordeway AB can bring more Nordic properties to Chinese investors, and enjoy more brand exposure in China. Under the cooperation, Uoolu is helping Nordeway AB to initiate the Swedish National Channel Page on the website, by means of uploading high-quality properties and news. Taking advantages of Uoolu’s huge user base, more than 3 million cross-border investors are going to be engaged.

uoolu.com, based in China, is the world’s leading cross-border real estate Internet platform dedicated to providing high-quality properties for cross-border investors. With 4-year hardworking in the industry, Uoolu now has over 1000 cooperative developers across 30 countries and provides 1 million properties in 125 cities globally.

At present, Uoolu has hit 3 million monthly active users across the world, and with the continuously growing of European users, Uoolu is aiming to bring more properties with higher quality, and assist both developers and investors to complete cross-border property investment.

The partnership with Nordeway AB announced Uoolu’s official entry in the Nordic real estate market. With the continuous market expansion around the world, Uoolu is aiming to realize a 100-country-coverage of global properties.

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