Upgraded Functions On Uoolu Global Selling Store Help Sellers Maximize We Media Promotion!

uoolu.com, the world’s leading Internet platform for cross-border real estate transactions, focuses on providing information and solutions for real estate investors and sellers globally, covering millions of high-quality properties across 135 countries and regions with 3 million MAU and in 13 languages, with 70 million potential customers to be fully mined. At present, more than 1000 cooperation partners worldwide have chosen Uoolu to actualize cross-border property listing, backstage and front-end management as well as other online supporting services to resolve their selling problems just by one account at a very low cost.

As globalization and real estate markets worldwide keep heating up, to further mine the global real estate market worthy of USD 280 trillion, uoolu.com has wholly updated Uoolu Global Selling Store and highlighted the following new functions for real estate developers, agents and agent companies to better their property listing, marketing and sales through customized We Media content creation at both PC terminal (seller.uoolu.com) and mobile end (APP: Uoolu Global Selling Store).

(I) Post News: an exclusive posting weapon created for property publicity

Now you can post local real estate news, property purchasing guidance, project construction progress, sales progress, brand P&R, home project campaigns and so on, synchronized to multiple publicity locations and pages that together can reach 70 million global investors in 135 countries and regions through automatic switch of 13 languages and IP addresses correspondingly.

High-quality news will be pushed to home page at PC terminal as hot-spot news in country/city channel, as well as presented in news column of APP home page. In addition, brand show at the beginning and end of the articles will be connected to your brand flagship store to increase visits.

To exploit special columns in your online store, you can also create IP inventory that belongs to your company and real estate projects, and the articles posted will help attract more visits to your online store as potential buyers!

 (II) Repost Properties: another way to efficiently maximize property promotion

Thanks to Uoolu’s powerful algorithm, now you can repost your properties online to reach internet users and intention buyers who browse property projects and other relevant information in different time frames every day as well as during traffic peaks.

By well-arranged posting schedule and quality content, you’ll be able to raise your properties’ rankings, increase organic traffic, and expand your company’s popularity.

 (III) Upload Short Videos: transnational home examination, closer, more authentic and comprehensive

Now you can upload one-minute short videos related to your properties onto Uoolu Global Selling Store, such as sand table explanation from sales center, show room examination on the site, home project interpretation, real-time videos about surroundings and supporting facilities, etc.


The short videos will be synchronized to Uoolu’s APP end and bound to your properties on the project detail pages to attract more visits and acquire more buyers, which totally overturns the traditional display method in project marketing towards international users.


 And don’t forget that Uoolu also has cooperated with world-class search engines and world-famous real estate websites to enhance your selling store(s)’ exposure among global networks.


 (IV) Download Data Report: timely understanding of global real estate development trends

To help our partners with better sales, Uoolu Global Selling Store has newly launched the Data Reports function including 4 modules of information:

1) flow analysis: find your customers’ favorable platforms to adjust information presentation forms that cater to their news browsing habits;

2) user portrait: figure out your customers’ gender, age, background and profession groups distribution to know which aspect of property information should be highlighted in promotion;

3) area distribution: show which countries your customers come from to change information output, marketing methods, etiquettes and so on;

4) marketing downloads: keep uploading authoritative data reports to help sellers gain an all-round understanding of real estate markets across the globe.

Now you can download real estate and immigration reports issued by Uoolu Glocal Real Estate Research Institute and other authoritative third-party media online, all for free. This function allows you to timely grasp global real estate development trends and seize business opportunities under the help of authoritative insights gained from statistical changes in big data of the global real estate industry.

 Other Prominent Advantages of Uoolu Platform: 

(I) Communicate Online to Identify Intention Buyers

By virtue of robust online instant communication products, Uoolu Global Selling Store provides plenty of house purchasing service tools to help you get more clients at any time any place regardless of national boundaries.


(II) Complete Property Viewing Online

Uoolu Global Selling Store supports room sales control, electric sand table, house selection online, house launch online and house reservation online to help you build global real estate online management and operation ability in terms of selling popular projects, remaining buildings, existing homes, as well as project preparation and promotion among intention buyers. In addition, supporting various payment methods, Uoolu Global Selling Store provides you transaction-oriented online store services.

 Up till now, Uoolu Global Selling Store has helped hundreds of real estate developers, agents and agent companies obtain desirable visits, buyers and sales goals, and is refining services and supporting solution systems at both internet and mobile ends to embrace more participants and partners. Welcome to join Uoolu Global Selling Store to make successful transactions like they did.

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