Uoolu Cooperated With Singapore Company to launch Uoolu Singapore Website

Uoolu Global Website

In July 2019, Uoolu announced to cooperate with Singapore Company Wechat Communication PTE lTD to officially launch Uoolu Singapore Website. By this movement, more Singapore cross-border real estate investors are able to reach out to millions of international properties.

Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Uoolu.com, established in 2015, is the world’s leading cross-border real estate Internet platform with active monthly users of 3 million. At the end of 2018, Uoolu officially launched its globalization strategy with the launch of 135 Uoolu Global Websites.

Singapore has always been one of the largest cross-border real estate investor resource country. The demand for international properties has been growing rapidly these years. According to Uoolu data, Singapore investors ranked No.4 on the past 6 months among global investors, after Chinese, Americans and Canadians.

Uoolu Singapore Website is aiming to deeply enter the Singapore market and help local investors to have access to international properties, and importantly, to customize online services for them.

Under the cooperation, Uoolu is going to provide over 1 million international properties, 3 million active monthly users as well as technology and data support, meanwhile, the Singapore Company will use its deep understanding of local real estate market and users purchasing behavior, to customize the whole online investment services for Singapore home buyers, including online consultant, online property viewing etc.

Singapore Company Wechat Communication PTE lTD is a professional Internet company for real estate, with strong marketing performance and great knowledge on Singapore market. By operating Uoolu Singapore website, it is going to fully take advantage of  Uoolu’s huge international property listing in 30 countries, combing with local operation methods to provide local investors with customized cross-border real estate investment services.

For more information, please visit http://Singapore.uoolu.com