Uoolu.com announced to enter Germany and Switzerland Real Estate Markets and realized full property coverage in Europe

Uoolu Global Selling

Uoolu.com, the world’s leading cross-border real estate Internet platform, announced the ambition to deeply tap into European real estate market under the growing demand of cross-border investment. With new expansion in Germany and Switzerland, Uoolu has realized a full property coverage of Europe.

-How’s European real estate investment market?

According to the data, the European real estate investment market reached €265 billion in 2018, with cross-border investment reached €124bn, which represented 47% of total investment in 2018.

Data source: BNP PARIBAS

The top 5 investment destination countries were UK(26%), Germany(20%), France(10%), Netherlands(7%), and Spain(6%).

-How much did Chinese invest in Europe properties?

Among all the cross-border investors in Europe, Europeans, Americans and Asians were the top 3 resources. And it’s worth mentioning, Chinese investors.

Chinese investors have invested $23.9 billion in property across the EU since 2008, according to a new audit conducted by Bloomberg of China’s investments in Europe.

-Where did the Chinese investors put their eyes on?

As a matter of fact, European properties really excite Chinese investors. According to the overall data from January to May 2019 on Uoolu.com, Chinese investors’ attention mainly focused on the UK, following by Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

Data Source: Uoolu Global Selling Store

UK remains to be the major destination for Chinese investors, especially first-time investors, due to simple tax structure, liquidity, and being an English-speaking country. But meanwhile, Chinese investors are now expanding their radar outside the UK, with many of them targeting countries of immigration like Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Germany is becoming a new investment haven these years, with its strong economy and business environment, the real estate investment demand is driven from overseas like Chinese at the same time.

-Uoolu’s ambition to accelerate expansion in European real estate market.

Uoolu.com, based in China, is the world’s leading cross-border real estate Internet platform and dedicated to providing high-quality properties for cross-border investors. With 4-year hardworking in the industry, Uoolu now has 1000 cooperative developers across 30 countries and provides 1 million properties in 125 cities globally.

At present, Uoolu has hit 3 million monthly active users across the world, and with the continuously growing of European users, Uoolu is aiming to bring more properties with higher quality, and to assist both developers and investors to complete cross-border property investment.

Now, Uoolu is seeking more cooperative European real estate developers, agencies and agents to accelerate expansion in Europe. It will be a much-needed move for most developers and investors to acquire a million-users platform to sell and invest globally.

More information for real estate developers, agencies and agents, please visit http://seller.uoolu.com