Uoolu Japan Website officially launched to seize Japan’s cross-border real estate investment market

Uoolu Japan

As the world's leading cross-border real estate Internet platform, Uoolu.com is dedicated to proving high-quality overseas properties for global investors. 

Under the current trending of global real estate investments, Asian investors have launched themselves into global stage over the last few years to become one of the major cross-border real estate resources, Japanese investors especially. As its economy has entered a period of stable growth, Japanese investors eye on global real estate market with a comparatively fast speed among other global investors.

According to the data, Japanese ranked the No.5 among Asian cross-border investors, after that from mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong China, and South Korea. Nearly US$3.5 billion of outbound real estate investment left Japan in 2017.

To help Japanese investors to reach out to more global properties, Uoolu officially launched the station site, Uoolu Japan to seize this huge cross-border real estate investment market.

Since the launch in August 2018, Uoolu Japan received a stable growth in real estate investors.

1.    To provide 1,000,000 properties from 30 countries

Uoolu has been devoted to cross-border real estate investments for 4 years to build up a strong assets system. 1000 developers from 30 countries have long-term cooperation with Uoolu to provide over 1,000,000 high-quality properties all over the world, including Japanese’major property investment destinations such as the US, Australia, and Europe. 

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that as South-east Asia countries such as Thailand and Indonesia enjoy a comparatively affordable house price and considerable rental yields, and most importantly, a very pleasant living environment, they are becoming more and more attractive for Japanese investors. 

2.    All in Japanese to break the language barrier

Language has always been a major issue for cross-border investors. Uoolu Japan with all Japanese language enables the investors to acquire whole property content in their own language, including property introduction, property price index, transaction process, as well as online consultant. Investors are able to leave messages and contact methods in Japanese, and professional consultants will get back to you in Japanese either. The hardest barrier for cross-border real estate investments has been broken.

3.    Both Website and APP to efficiently complete transactions and manage your property

In addition to Uoolu Japan website, investors can also use Uoolu Global APP Japanese version to view global properties which is able to efficiently help Japanese investors to acquire a full range of property information, and furthermore, to enable them to easily own their overseas properties with Uoolu’s assistance of loans and property management. Uoolu’s online services can help investors with the whole process.

Visit http://japan.uoolu.com to start your global real estate investment.

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