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Uoolu Global Selling

Cross-border investors have become a strong power in the global real estate market, especially Chinese buyers, they became the largest group in some major markets such as the US, Australia, the UAE and Thailand. 

According to Uoolu data, Chinese buyers spent more and more money on the overseas properties. By the end of 2018, the Chinese overseas property purchases reached a new record of $119.8 billion.

The US property market, for instance, according to the data of NAR, Chinese investors accounted for the largest share of foreign buyers, Canadians, Mexicans, Indians, English, and Brazilians followed. Remarkably, China is one of the biggest International source for the past 10 years.

But there is also a problem involved, Chinese buyers read and speak Chinese, how to present your properties to this huge market and how to break the language barrier and make accurate local promotion? Uoolu Global Selling Store could definitely help you.

Why choose Uoolu Agency and Agent Store?

-To easily list and present your properties in customers’ own languages

Uoolu Global Selling Store could provide you efficient and convenient listing publishing function, and synchronize property content including description, videos and pictures to 135 Uoolu Global websites with 13 languages including Chinese, to make sure that buyers can view the information in their own languages.

Meanwhile, customers are able to view your listing by several methods including Uoolu global websites, Uoolu APP, and wechat small program which almost every Chinese will use in their daily lives.

-To build your brand and expand your influence

You are going to present your company profile or professional resume on your home page, as well as customized cover, pictures and social media, to help agencies and agents to build your own brand and achieve the best online publicity.

-To acquire customers easily

Uoolu Global Selling Store will help you to expand your customer acquisition methods as many as possible, in addition to your store home page, online chats will be included as well, to improve communication efficiency and reduce marketing costs.

-Online CRM system to provide all range of analysis and management

Professional business management background will help you to manage your customers online, and more importantly, to acquire operation data and customer purchase analysis, which enables you to make accurate promotion plans.

Currently, more than 500 agencies and 1000 agents have joint Uoolu to explore the global real estate market. Open your own Uoolu Global Selling Store and reach out to 70 million international customers right now.

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