Uoolu to be holding the Global Property Expo in Beijing in June 2019

Uoolu.com, the leading platform of cross-border real estate transaction in terms of monthly unique visitors and global property assets, is going to hold Global Property Expo in Beijing in June, with the attendance of top global developers and over 200 accurate real estate investors.

- Top developers are going to attend the event with their best-selling properties

 With the trend of globalization, lots of developers have strong demand for their international business. But as for geographical limitations, language difference and thinking patterns, developers have always been unable to launch local marketing events. 

Uoolu Global Property Expo is providing a rare opportunity for them to actually step into China’s local market with its hottest property projects. 

In 2019, 3 Expos will be held while the first will be in Beijing this June. For now, top developers like Al Barari, Mag Development from Dubai, Property Perfect from Thailand are confirmed to attend.

 - The Global Property Expo is going to gather 200 accurate investors

 Chinese has always been one of the most active investors across the world, to help the global developers to know more about the Chinese investors, the Expo is offering a rare face-to-face opportunity for them.

At the event, developer booths will be set up to help them to promote their hottest projects and brands. Considering there probably will be language barriers, Uoolu will also lead its professional sales team to assist, make sure that the whole consultant and transaction process will be smooth. 

It is going to be a great chance for developers to enter the Chinese market and gain Chinese customers.

 -Success Story: 2019 Uoolu Global Real Estate Internet Summit 

In January 2019, Uoolu successfully held the 2nd Global Real Estate Internet Summit (GREIS) in Beijing. The summit brought together hundreds of developers from 20 countries, over 500 accurate clients, as well as lots of renowned media, including The Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, and Bloomberg. 

Uoolu devotes to link global developers and global clients, and is going to continuously provide cross-border real estate marketing and transaction solutions for global developers.

To sign up for Global Property Expo or know more about it, please send email to zhaojingyi@uoolu.com