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April 25, 2019 Uoolu.com

Dubai, one of the most popular real estate investment destinations in the world, has got booming for the last few months. Investors are attracted by the Expo Dubai 2020, the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup, Dubai five-year or 10-year residence visas, and its international city position of tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services center.

According to the data of Uoolu Global Selling Store (the “Uoolu G-sale”), which country become the biggest player in the Dubai property market? Which location got the most attention?What is the investors’ budget and which one is the most popular project?Let’s find it out on Uoolu G-sale.

1.Which country becomes the biggest player in the Dubai property market? China is the No.1 player and India has grown sharply on Uoolu Global Selling Store. Uoolu G-sale shows that, Chinese real estate investors have been accounted for 39% in Dubai last week, followed by India&Pakistan, Canada, UK and Japan.

2. Which location got the most attention? Business Bay.

Last week, the Top search area by real estate investors comes to the downtown Business Bay. It features the world’s biggest shopping mall, the world’s tallest building as well as numerous skyscrapers, high-end residences, it draws investors’ attention as well. 

3.What’s the investors’ budget?  Mainly in RMB 1-2 million.

The data of Uoolu G-sale shows that 59% of Dubai investors plan to invest RMB 500 thousand to 2 million to buy a decent apartment in the CBD. In the same time, most investors attend to apply for a mortgage.

4. Which one is the most popular project? The Neighborhood developed by Al Barari

There are nearly 20,000 potential investors pay attention to the Neighborhood by Al Barari, which is a low-rise apartment with full facilities, green area as high as 60% and high-net-worth neighbors. MAG318 is ranked the second.

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